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96 Well Synergy™ Plant DNA Extraction Kit

OPS Diagnostics’ Synergy™ DNA extraction platform is now configured for 96 well plates for isolating high quality DNA in a timely and cost-effective manner without the use of hazardous chloroform

Synergy™ 2.0 Plant DNA Extraction Kit

 Synergy™ 2.0 for chloroform-free isolation of Plant DNA using Synergy™ Gel and spin columns.

Synergy grinding matrix removes contaminants from the plant lysate.
Synergy™ Plant DNA Extraction Kit

 Synergy™ Plant DNA Extraction Kit yields CTAB quality DNA without the use of chloroform.

CTAB buffer is used for the extraction of DNA from plants containing polysaccharides and polyphenols.
CTAB Extraction Buffer

 CTAB Extraction Buffer is effective for the isolation of DNA from plant tissues.

$39.00 - $63.00
Silica Spin Columns

 DNase, RNase-free Silica Spin Columns for the isolation of DNA and RNA.