1.4 mm Zirconium Prefilled Plates

1.4 mm Zirconium Pre-Filled Plates
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$316.00 - $1,317.00
SKU: PFPMB 1400-96-75

One of the more dense, inert, and economically priced media, these beads are ideally suited to lysis soft tissue, insects, and leaf material.

The beads are treated with acidified water to remove fine particles, dust, and other impurities typically found in untreated beads. Then, baked twice, first to drive off organic impurties, secondly to remove muclease and nucliec acid contamination.

Prefilled Homogenization Plates, like Prefilled tubes, are a convenient solution for labs seeking time saving high throughput solutions to homogenization. These plates are compatible with nearly all plate homogenizers. The unique design of the plates with the removable tubes allows for greater flexibility in sample preparation.

Our 1.4 mm Zirconium Prefilled Plates

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