2.8 mm Stainless Steel Prefilled Plate

2.8 mm Stainless Steel Pre-Filled Plates
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$326.00 - $1,367.00
SKU: PFPSS 2800-96-76

Stainless stell is one of the densest grinding media. These grinding balls are used to lyse soft animal tissue, fibrous animal tissues, plant leaf, and stem, and fungal thalli. Stainless steel grinding balls are resistant to tharnishing and are magnetic for easy separation of media and sample.

These grinding balls have been treated to remove residual oils and contaminants prior to filling.

Prefilled Homogenization Plates, like Prefilled tubes, are a convenient solution for labs seeking time saving high throughput solutions to homogenization. Teese plates are compatible with nearly all plate homogenizers. The unique design of the plates with the removable tubes allows for greater flexibility in sample preparation.

Our 2.8 mm Stainless Steel Prefilled Plate

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