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4 ml polycarbonate vial sets
4 ml Polycarbonate Vial Sets, Lined Caps

24 Well Polycarbonate Vial Set with Lined Caps (case)

SKU: PCVS 04-240-03

The 24 Well Polycarbonate Vial Set with lined polypropylene caps was developed for homogenizing of resilient tissues with extraction buffer.  These vial sets have successfully be used with all plant tissues and animal tissues such as heart, muscle, kidney, liver, lung, spleen, and brain.  When vials are used with garnet and zirconium oxide satellites, vial sets are effective at even homogenizing skin and sclera.  Each vial set contains 24 vials arranged in the standard SBS (Socienty of Biomolecular Screening) 24 well format, and includes 3/8" stainless steel grinding balls and lined polypropylene screw caps.  One vial has a volume of 4 ml and is suitable for homogenizing up to 200 mg of sample with about 1 ml of buffer.  


Each case has 10 vial sets, for a total of 240 vials.  Polycarbonate vials are the best vial for homogenizing, but cannot be used with extraction buffers containing phenol and chloroform (e.g., Trizol and TRI Reagent).  For such application, polyethylene vial sets should be used.  Polycarbonate retains its rigidity and strength during bead beating, unlike other plastics, and this helps to generate a true homogenate.  The vials are so durable that the vials can be used for bead beating immediately after submersing them in liquid nitrogen.


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