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4 ml Polycarbonate Vial Sets, Unlined Caps

24 Well Polycarbonate Vial Set with Unlined Caps (case)

SKU: PCVS 04-240-02

The 24 Well Polycarbonate Vial Set with polypropylene caps was designed for dry grinding/homogenization of hard materials, such as seeds, lyophilized plant tissues, pills/tablets, and similar dry samples.  Each vial set contains 24 vials arranged in the standard SBS (Socienty of Biomolecular Screening) 24 well format, and includes 3/8" stainless steel grinding balls and polypropylene screw caps for each vial.  One vial has a volume of 4 ml.  


Each case has 10 vial sets, for a total of 240 vials.  Polycarbonate is the best material for vials when dry grinding.  Other plastics, such as polypropylene, will become maliable due to heat generated during processing.  Polycarbonate retains its rigidity and strength during bead beating.  The vials are so durable that the vials can be used for bead beating immediately after submersing them in liquid nitrogen.


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