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50 ml polycarbonate vial with silicone lined cap

50 ml Polycarbonate Grinding Vials with Silicone Lined Caps

SKU: PCRV 50-100-24

When processing samples by bead beating, sample mass is often limited by vial size.  OPS Diagnostics' new 50 ml polycarbonate vial is now available for homogenizing more sample mass.  These 50 ml polycarbonate vials are twice the height of 15 ml vials and can be used to process up to 3 gm of plant tissue, 8 gm of seed, and 4 gm of animal tissue.  Each vial comes with a silicone lined cap, which can be used for both cryogenic and room temperature processing of samples.


OPS Diagnostics' 50 ml polycarbonate vials are clear and extremely durable.  They can be submerged in liquid nitrogen and immediately used for homogenizing.  In fact, the reinforced bottom is specially designed to withstand the force generated by grinding balls during processing at liquid nitrogen temperatures.  


These 50 ml polycarbonate vials are sold 100 vials per case, including silicone lined caps.  Grinding balls for these vials are sold separately.  The vials fit into the standard 15 ml Cryoblocks (up to six vials per block) or OPS Diagnostics' foam vial holders (up to five vials per holder).  


These vials can be used with the GenoGrinder® or MiniG™ high throughput homogenizers.