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Welcome Plant Health 2021 Attendees!

While COVID-19 precludes us from meeting in-person again this year, we hope you are staying safe and in good health. This virtual conference format is new to many of us, and we encourage your feedback to improve our content, as our web page will be modified throughout the week to better serve you.

We hope you enjoy the conference.

Co-Isolation of Nucleic Acids from Plants, Pathogens, and Microbiota

A unique isolation chemistry coupled with bead beating effectively harvests DNA and/or RNA from plant and environmental samples, including associated pathogens and other microorganisms. Synergy™ nucleic acid isolation kits are rapid, cost effective, and can be combined with various downstream analysis methods.  Read More...

Also, check out how our Synergy™ chemistry has been modified, for rapid field prep of leaf samples for trasport without the need for cold storage. Read More...


Assay Development

OPS Diagnostics has extensive experience developing nucleic acid assays for the detection of microorganisms. Assay development encompasses the full process of sample harvest to final analysis of results. OPS Diagnostics has multiple proprietary tools that can be applied to the development process. Novel assays can be designed from existing nucleic acid sequence, or from cultured microbes via NextGen sequencing. Our team can also assist in training staff to perform the assays and interpret results. For more information, please contact us.


Methods and Products for Sample Homogenization

Liberating pathogens or their associated biochemicals from plant tissues, soils, or water is one of the first steps of analysis. OPS Diagnostics has decades of experience developing strategies and tools for sample preparation. Read More...


Methods, Products, and Services for Freeze-Drying: Microbes

Shelf-stable microorganisms and reagents are fundamental components of practical diagnostics assays for plant pathology. OPS Diagnostics has extensive experience freeze drying microorganisms for controls and archives. To read more about freeze drying microorganisms and other preservation, methods please see a Guide to Bacterial Preservation. We provide lab and pilot scale freeze drying services.


Freeze-Drying LAMP and PCR assays

OPS Diagnostics offers proprietary reagents and strategies for lyophilizing LAMP and PCR cocktails, as well as developing methods for making stable LAMP and PCR cocktails. We have successfully incorporated freeze-dried PCR and LAMP assays into our rapid Synergy™ DNA isolation protocol, resulting in rapid nucleic acid extraction made possible by Synergy™’s unique chemistry and the addition of sample nucleic acids to cocktails in minimal time. Read More...


Contact us for more details or help!

We are available before, during, and after the Plant Health 2021 meeting to discuss how we can help your efforts. Please contact us to arrange a Zoom meeting.