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Bead beaters have been in use for nearly half a century.  Originally used to lyse microorganisms, bead beaters are now available that can homogenize animal, plant, and environmental samples, in addition to bacteria, yeast, and fungi.  Bead beaters are also available for a few samples and for high throughput laboratories.  For more information on the different bead beaters listed below, see this video link.

MiniG high throughput homogenizer for processing samples in plates, vials, and tubes.
1600 Mini G

At just over half the cost of a 2010 GenoGrinder, the 1600 Mini G is a great alternative homogenizer for labs that process many samples.

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Geno/Grinder® 2010, 115V

The Geno/Grinder® 2010 is a high throughput homogenizer for the most demanding labs.

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HT 24 can process 24 samples rapidly by bead beating.
HT 24

A tabletop bead beater that processes samples in microfuge tubes.

HT 6™
HT Homogenizer II™
HT Mini

 The HT Mini provides an efficient means to bead beating but at a fraction of the cost.