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Freezing, either cryogenically (below -130°C) in liquid nitrogen or at higher temperatures in standard laboratory freezers, is the most popular form of preservation. OPS Diagnostics offers a number of products to aid in the freezing of biological samples. The Bacterial Freezing Kit is a convenient means of preserving bacteria directly from culture and protecting bacterial cells during freezing. Each pre-sterilized, ready-to-use Bacterial Freezing Tube contains 3 mm glass beads and sterile glycerol, which, when mixed with bacterial culture broth, acts as a cryoprotectant.

As an alternative to the Bacterial Freezing Kit, OPS Diagnostics also offers Bacterial Freezing Medium. This glycerol-based solution is designed to protect bacteria stored from temperatures of -20°C to cryogenic temperatures achieved through the use of liquid nitrogen. It can be used with our Cryogenic Vials (1.8 ml), which can be stored for long periods of time in a Cryogenic Storage Box.

Many occasions require the handling of cryogenically preserved cells and biological samples. Temperature-sensitive samples (e.g. primary and cultured cells, protein extracts and RNA) can be damaged irreversibly if they are warmed or thawed. To combat this problem, OPS Diagnostics designed our CryoCooler™, a valuable tool for preserving the integrity of frozen vials of cultured cells and tissue specimens. This portable, cryogenic station can be paired with the CryoGrinder mortar and pestle system to both homogenize and transport in-house samples at cryogenic temperatures.

Cryogenic Line Sales Sheet

AC Block™ Kit

The AC Block™ Kit provides an effective, high throughput tool for cryogenic grinding of samples.

Bacterial Freezing Medium

125 ml per bottle

Makes sorting cyogenic tubes easy

Now with a 6x5" opening for liquid nitrogen racks.

Cryogenic Storage Box

Case of 12

Cryogenic Vials 1.8 ml

 Case of 300 Vials

Liquid Nitrogen Pillow

 Liquid nitrogen sorbent