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OPS Diagnostics offers a number of excipients for use in freeze drying; each lot is tested and lyophilization certified. Excipients serve a dual purpose, to both provide bulk to a lyophilized sample and to stabilize biomolecules, particularly proteins. The disaccharides sucrose and trehalose are inert compounds that are traditionally used to stabilize samples during freeze drying. Mannitol, a sugar alcohol, is another common excipient with pharmaceutical applications. 

D-Trehalose, 500 gm, Lyophilization Certified

D-Trehalose, Lyophilization Certified, is an effective lyoprotectant for preserving proteins and other biomolecules. 

Mannitol, 500g, USP Grade, Lyophilization Certified

Reagent for lyophilizing proteins and nucleic acids. Each lot is tested for effectiveness.

Sucrose, 500 gm, Lyophilization Certified

Sucrose, Lyophilization Certified, is a popular lyoprotectant with each lot tested for effectiveness in preserving both microorganisms and biomolecules.