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D-Trehalose, Lyophilization Certified

D-Trehalose, 500 gm, Lyophilization Certified

SKU: EXTR 500-05
Size: 500 gm

D-Trehalose, Lyophilization Certified, is a lyoprotectant, which effectively maintains the conformation of proteins and other biomolecules as water is removed during the freeze-drying process.  This non-reducing disaccharide (two glucose molecules linked by the anomeric carbon), provides the same type of protection during lyophilization that sucrose does, though D-Trehalose is less likely to cause sample collapse.  D-Trehalose is a crystalline dihydrate powder with a molecular weight of 378.33 g/mol.  It is soluble in water to 6.8” at 20° C.  It is an effective lyoprotectant of proteins at a weight/volume concentration of 1%-2%.

Each lot of our D-Trehalose is tested to ensure that it is effective at preserving protein structure and activity.  D-Trehalose is available with a Certificate of Analysis, attesting to the absence of proteases and nucleases and its ability to form a solid cake/matrix that can easily be rehydrated.

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