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Freeze Drying Indicator

Freeze Drying Indicator, Filter Sterilized

SKU: LRFI 500-04

Freeze Drying Indicator is a colorimetric indicator useful in optimizing freeze drying runs by indicating sample dryness during both the primary and secondary drying steps. It is a pink solution that turns blue upon lyophilization, providing a real-time, visual measurement of dryness. When using this reagent, complete removal of water yields a blue cake, while incomplete removal of water is illustrated as pink streaks or a pink crust. Lyophilized control solutions that are pink contain >2% moisture, while solutions that are blue with residual pink color are <2% moisture.

OPS Diagnostics’ Freeze Drying Indicator is filter sterilized and packaged aseptically in 500 ml PET bottles. It can be used full strength or diluted 1:1 with samples prior to freeze drying.

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