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Incubating Shaker

Professional Model 3500 Incubating Shaker, 120V


Professional Model 3500 Incubating Shaker is an excellent shaker for labs needing a tabletop incubator shaker for culturing microorganisms or for controlled temperature mixing.  The shaker is easy to use and program.  It has a wide speed range (15 to 500 rpm) and dynamic temperature range of 5 above ambient to 65°C, making this shaker useful for culturing bacteria to washing Southern blots.  The polycarbonate lid allows for complete viewing of the contents.

The Professional Model 3500 Incubating Shaker has a number of features to protect both samples and the shaker itself.  A load sensor measures imbalances and overload which triggers audio and visual alerts. A ramping program controls acceleration to prevent splashing of samples.  When spills do happen, channels built into the shaker divert liquids away from motors and circuitry.