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Grinding Ball & Bead Dispenser (Grinding Balls Not Included)
Grinding Ball & Bead Dispenser

Grinding Ball and Bead Dispenser

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SKU: GBD 96-01

The Grinding Ball and Bead Dispenser simplifies the addition of 5/32” grinding balls or small grinding beads to 96 well plates.  The anodized aluminum dispenser has 96 holes which will fit one grinding balls or 200 ul of fine grinding media (e.g., 100 micron beads). 



To load grinding balls into a plate, pour beads onto the dispenser and shake gently until each hole contains a ball, slide in the plastic panel to hold the balls, fit the dispenser over an open plate, and finally remove the panel to drop the balls.  To fill plates with grinding media, pour media onto the surface of the dispenser, wipe away excess beads with the swipe card provided, place an empty plate over the wells, hold plate and dispenser firmly together, and rapidly invert.  Clean excess beads from the dispenser with the provided brush.