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1.7 mm Zirconium Bead, Acid Washed, Pre-Filled Tubes (50 count)


OPS Diagnostics' 1.7 mm Acid Washed* Zirconium Beads (comparable to Lysing Matrix Z), are suitable for homogenizing larger tissue samples, fungi pellicles, and fine plant material.  

Zirconium Beads are denser than silica beads, less expensive than stainless steel grinding balls and inert in most solutions.  Our Acid Washed Zirconium Beads are washed with acidified water to remove contaminants typically found in untreated beads (e.g., dust, microbes, hair), and further baked to remove any organic impurities.

Pre-Filled Tubes are a convenient solution for labs seeking time savings by no longer requiring researchers to weigh, fill and QC individual tubes.  They are available in 2 mL skirted (i.e., self-standing) or unskirted polypropylene tubes to ensure compatibility with most tube homogenizers. Clear screw caps with O-rings included.

*Low Binding and Molecular Biology Grade 3.0 mm Zirconium Beads are available in Pre-Filled Tube format upon request.


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