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2.8 mm Stainless Steel Grinding Balls Pre-Filled Tube (50 count)


Stainless steel is the most dense of the grinding media. OPS Diagnostics' 2.8 mm Stainless Steel Grinding Balls may be used  to lyse a wide variety of samples, including soft animal tissues (liver, brain), fibrous animal tissues (muscle, heart, lung), plant leaf and stem samples, and fungal thalli (e.g., mushrooms). Stainless steel grinding balls are resistant to tarnishing and may be retrieved with a magnet.

All of OPS Diagnostics’ grinding balls and satellites are ready-to-use, having been treated to remove residual oils and contaminants prior to packaging.  

Pre-Filled Tubes are a convenient solution for labs seeking time savings by no longer requiring researchers to weigh, fill and QC individual tubes.   They are available in 2 mL skirted (i.e., self-standing) or unskirted polypropylene tubes to ensure compatibility with most tube homogenizers. Clear screw caps with O-rings included.


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