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800 micron Silica Beads, Pre-Filled Tubes (100 count)


Less expensive than zirconium, 800 µm Silica Beads are ideal for homogenizing small insects, such as mosquitoes. They are dense enough to break the exoskeleton of the insects, allowing for extractions and isolations of proteins and nucleic acids.  Also suitable for lysing mold and pollen.

Silica beads are available in Acid Washed, Low Binding, and and Molecular Biology Grade format.  Since untreated beads are notorious for containing large amounts of debris and dust, all beads are acid washed, at a minimum, prior to packaging. 

Low Binding Beads are chemically altered using a proprietary process to bind less biomolecules liberated from homogenized samples.  

Molecular Biology Grade Beads are certified nucleic acid, Dnase, Rnase, and protease-free.  They are most appropriate for molecular biology applications, including PCR, which may be hindered by the presence of nucleases and /or proteases.

Pre-Filled Tubes are a convenient solution for labs seeking time savings by no longer requiring researchers to weigh, fill and QC individual tubes.   They are available in 2 mL skirted (i.e., self-standing) or unskirted polypropylene tubes to ensure compatibility with most tube homogenizers. Clear screw caps with O-rings included.