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15 ml Polycarbonate Vial Set
15 ml Polycarbonate Vial Set

15 ml Polycarbonate Vial Sets with Lined Caps (case)

SKU: PCVS 15-050-22

The 15 ml Vial Set with lined caps allow for homogenizing larger samples with buffers.was developed for researchers who required pooled samples for analysis or who are homogenizing larger samples. This product is useful for larger extractions of pooled samples or for disruption of several grams of tissue with homogenization/extraction buffers.

Each 15 ml Vial Set comes with five polycarbonate vials per box with two stainless steel grinding balls per vial with a lined cap. These 15 ml polycarbonate vials are extremely durable. They can be submersed into liquid nitrogen and immediately used for homogenizing. 

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