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4 ml polycarbonate vial sets
4 ml Polycarbonate Vial Sets, Lined Caps

24 Well Polycarbonate Vial Set with Lined Caps (case)

SKU: PCVS 04-240-03

Our convenient, ready-to-use 24 Well Polycarbonate Vial Sets with Lined Caps were developed to efficiently homogenize resilient tissues.  Unlike softer plastics, polycarbonate retains its rigidity and strength during bead beating.  Extremely durable, polycarbonate vials can be submersed in liquid nitrogen and immediately used for cryogenic grinding. Solvent-resistant polyethylene-lined polypropylene caps are recommended when wet grinding with solvents or buffers. 

Our 24 Well Polycarbonate Vial Sets with Lined Caps are ideal for homogenizing plant and animal tissues, including heart, muscle, kidney, liver, lung, spleen, and brain.  When vials are used with garnet and zirconium oxide satellites, vial sets may be used to homogenize notoriously difficult-to-grind skin and sclera.  Each vial has a working volume of 4 ml and is suitable for homogenizing up to 200 mg of sample with approximately 1 ml of buffer.  

Each 24 Well Polycarbonate Vial Set contains twenty-four (24) 4 ml Polycarbonate Vials with Lined Polypropylene Screw Caps arranged in the standard SBS (Society of Biomolecular Screening) 24 well format.  Each vial is pre-loaded with one (1) pre-cleaned 3/8" 440C stainless steel grinding ball.  The vials are packaged in a foam holder in a polyethylene storage box, similar in size to a deep well titer plate; once the lid to the storage box is removed, it may be used to hold the vials during processing. 

To use, simply remove the lid from the storage box, remove the vial caps, add sample and buffer (if desired) to the vials, replace the caps, and place the entire storage box onto the homogenizer platform for ambient processing. (NOTE: Vials should be placed in Cryo-Blocks for cryogenic grinding). 

Sold in cases of ten vial sets (equal to 240 pre-loaded vials).  Replacement vials may be purchased separately. 

NOTE:  While Polycarbonate vials are the most durable for homogenizing resilient tissues, they should not be used with extraction buffers containing phenol and chloroform (e.g., Trizol and TRI Reagent).  For such applications, 24 Well Polyethylene Vial Sets with Lined Caps should be used. 

For more specific information regarding sample processing, please consult the Selection of Grinding Vials for Sample Processing and Bead Beating: A Primer.

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