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Homogenization Contract Service

At times it makes more sense to outsource a process than develop it in-house.  High throughput homogenization is no exception.  High throughput homogenizers are expensive, but necessary.  However, OPS Diagnostics can process your samples for you which may certainly be more cost effective.  Consider the following:

Your lab needs to homogenize multiple samples, but infrequently,

Current number of samples temporarily exceeds capacity for in-house homogenizing, or

Your existing high throughput homogenizer is not operational.

Under these circumstances, it is more economical to send OPS Diagnostics you samples for processing than to purchase a new homogenizer (which will cost from $8K to $15K).

Additional services are available, such as plate/tube preparation, ball removal, and microbe processing.  Note any special handling or processing needs on the Homogenization Form below.

So that we can provide you with an accurate estimate, please complete the form below.  We will contact you to answer any questions.