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Cryogrinder™ Kit
CryoGrinder™ for small cryogenic sample homogenization.

CryoGrinder™ Kit


An improvement on the traditional mortar and pestle, the CryoGrinder™ tools retain the strength and durability of porcelain while adapting to the scale of molecular biology.  The CryoGrinder™ was specifically designed to grind small and difficult to homogenize tissues (e.g., skin, sclera) at cryogenic temperatures.  Each CryoGrinder™ mortar can efficiently accommodate up to 100 mg of sample, though most researchers use 10-20 mg.  Pestles fit the cordless, rechargeable wrench/screwdriver to ease the grinding process.

The CryoGrinder™ Kit comes includes:

  • 4 mortars
  • 8 pestles
  • 1 rechargeable cordless wrench
  • User Guide

When used in conjunction with the CryoCooler™, the CryoGrinder™ is an effective means of homogenizing multiple samples.

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