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HT Homogenizer

HT Homogenizer


The HT Homogenizer is a single platform mixer mill (holds one plate, rack of tubes, or vial set), which processes samples in a linear motion.  At nearly half the cost of similar models, the HT Homogenizer is an excellent homogenizer for labs which process several hundred samples daily, as opposed to several thousand samples.  The linear motion of the platform ensures that all samples are processed the same.  The homogenizer can be used for mixing samples, at speeds as low as 50 rpm, and for homogenizing hard materials, such as kernels, at speeds up to 1600 rpm.

The HT Homogenizer can be used with deep well plates, vial sets, and microfuge tubes, or any container that will fit on the oscillating platform.  This machine has been found to work extremely well with grasses, such as rice and corn.


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