Freeze drying (lyophilization) is an established method for long-term storage, of biomolecules. The lyophilization process yields a porous, dry cake of the biological sample. It is often used to preserve bacterial cultures and, in the biomedical industry, for the long-term preservation of vaccines, purified proteins, and biological materials.

To aid lyophilization, OPS Diagnostics has developed three proprietary formulations for freeze drying:

  • The Microbial Freeze Drying Buffer has been formulated to be free of all animal products/proteins! It maintains the viability of microorganisms like bacteria and fungi for long-term preservation.
  • The Lyophilization Reagent (2X), a clear solution is designed to simplify protein lyophilization. It is composed of a mixture of a matrix (caking agent) and lyoprotectant that act synergistically to provide a solution with a high eutectic point, solid matrix, and excellent protein stability.
  • The Freeze Drying Indicator, is a colorimetric indicator reagent changes color during the freeze drying process, giving the user a real-time measurement of dryness. This indicator reagent should be run along side of critical samples and not used as the lyoprotectant itself (protein lyophilization with the indicator should be discarded). This reagent is also useful for mapping and validating freeze dryers.

For a more in depth information please visit our, Bacterial Lyophilization Overview and Bacterial Freeze Drying Protocol page.

Freeze Drying Indicator, Filter Sterilized

Freeze Drying Indicator changes color when the cycle is done.

Lyophilization Reagent (2X), Filter Sterilized

Lyophilization Reagent (2X) Concentration for freeze drying of proteins.

Microbial Freeze Drying Buffer, Filter Sterilized

Proprietary solution for preservation of microorganisms that is free of all animal products/proteins.