About Us


OPS Diagnostics was established in 2001 as an outlet for products developed by BT&C, Inc.  Products sold by OPS Diagnostics have been tested, designed, and/or evaluated by our scientists thus guaranteeing that the product meets the need of our customers.  We work in conjunction with other scientific supply and manufacturing companies to provide practical solutions to common needs of scientists.

Through BT&C's contract and in-house research projects, we have developed an excellent understanding of the products and services we have developed. Consequently, we are able to offer our clients these products with the added value of excellent technical support. We routinely help our clients' to apply these products in new and unique manners to overcome research barriers. We also help in the design of custom products.



David W. Burden, Ph.D., President

Dr. Burden founded Biotechnology Training & Consulting (BT&C) in 1987 in response to the demand for technical support and training in the biotechnology/pharmaceutical industry. In this realm, he has worked as a biotechnology consultant and educator since 1984. His research interests are in microbial gene expression as relates to physiology, while consulting interests include projects in product application development, assay development, bioremediation, and product/process troubleshooting. He is versed in microbiology, molecular genetics, and separation.