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The Effect of Bead Beating on RNA Integrity

Hepa Neo Cells were optained from mouse tumor.

Ribonucleic acids (RNA) isolated from active cells provide a snapshot of a cell’s status and physiology. Previous work at OPS Diagnostics demonstrated that bead beating, a very widely used method for sample disruption, can significantly shear DNA during the homogenization process. In order to directly assess the impact of different grinding matrices on RNA quality, purified RNA was homogenized with a range of different bead types and then analyzed...(More)

Sample Homogenization Considerations for NextGen Sequencing

DNA is the most commonly studied piece of the cell

The latest in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) now allows for direct sequencing of individual DNA molecules or clonally amplified DNA. The primary systems used in NGS, manufactured by Pacific Biosciences and Illumina®, can generate gigabases to terabases of data per run (compared to megabases for the previous generation) by directly measuring bases incorporated during DNA polymerization... (More)

Isolation of Soil Microbiome using Modified Synergy™ Protocol

Isolation of DNA from soil microbiome

Isolating nucleic acids from soil microbiomes presents a host of unique challenges, including but not limited to humic acids, which in themselves are unique. The scientist at OPS Diagnostics have modified the chemistry of Synergy™, orginally designed for rapid isolation of DNA for standard PCR assays, to separate humic acids from DNA...(More)

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Co-Isolation of Plant & Pathogen/Parasite DNA

Co-isolation of plant pathogen

The isolation of DNA from multiple divergent species is important for investigating microcosms, whether it is symbiotic biomes or host/parasite interactions. OPS Diagnostics developed the Synergy™ DNA isolation chemistry in order to rapidly isolate plant DNA for standard PCR assays...(More)


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