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Freeze Drying

OPS Diagnostics offers a selection of novel products for freeze drying, in addition to traditional vials, bungs, and seals.  Unique to the repertoire are the freeze drying buffers, including 2X Lyophilization Reagent, Freeze Drying Indicator, and Microbial Freeze Drying Buffer.  These ready-to-use products simplify the freeze drying of general biochemicals as well as microorganisms.  The Freeze Drying Indicator is a valuable tool for monitoring freeze drying processes.  

Also available are the excipients of Mannitol, Sucrose, and Trehalose, all functionally tested and certified for lyophilization.  Mannitol is a useful caking matrix while both sucrose and trehalose can serve as lyoprotectants.

Vials are available in three sizes (3, 5, and 10 ml) at extremely competitive prices.  Split bungs for 13 and 20 mm vials, and the associated foil seals are also available.