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OPS Diagnostics Contract Services

In addition to the complementary technical support we provide to our customers, OPS Diagnostics also offers contract services in customizable products, methods development, and sample processing.

  • Homogenization Service
    Outsourcing sample homogenization can make sense if it isn't something done regularly or if volume temporarily exceeds your ability to process samples in-house.  OPS Diagnostics can process your samples quickly and cost effectively.

  • Microbial Freeze Drying Service
    Freeze drying microorganisms is an art which requires specialized instrumentation.  OPS Diagnostics has the experience and facilities to help preserve your microbial strains and cultures.

  • Customized Products
    OPS Diagnostics can modify existing products or create new product formats to meet the need of clients.  For instance, disruption tubes (bead beating tubes) can be filled to defined specifications.  Vial set formats can also be modified to meet demand.  

  • Methods Development
    Homogenization of samples can be a major bottleneck in developing a high throughput analytical processes.  OPS Diagnostics has the tools and expertise to help eliminate this sample preparation bottleneck.  Using innovative approaches, OPS Diagnostics can customize methods and tools to match your process.

  • Sample Processing
    Our laboratory and instruments are available to process your samples.  Periodically every operation can become overwhelmed with samples and OPS Diagnostics can help.  Samples which are dry or wet which can be processed and shipped can be processed by our scientists at OPS Diagnostics.