Contract Services

We offer contract services in microbial freeze drying and customizable products and platforms.

Microbial Freeze Drying Service

Freeze drying microorganisms is an art that requires specialized instrumentation.  OPS Diagnostics has the experience and facilities to help preserve your non-pathogenic microbial strains and cultures. We freeze dry in stoppered vials and bulk, depending on the application. Freeze drying is useful for preserving culture collections, lyophilizing for product development, such as biopesticides, and formulating custom quality control cultures (see link)

Our service includes:
  • Culturing the microorganism on standard solid or liquid media
  • Suspending the culture in our proprietary Microbial Freeze Drying Buffer or your customized buffer
  • Preparing glass vials of culture (500 µl culture in a 2 ml vial)
  • Freeze drying and stoppering under vacuum
  • Performing pre- and post-freeze drying viability testing
  • Tests for species specific qPCR, microscopic evaluation, and biochemical testing can be added for an additional cost.



Customized Products and Platforms

We will modify existing products or create new product formats to meet your needs.  For instance, disruption tubes (lysing tubes) or deep well plates can be filled to custom specifications.  Vial set formats can also be modified to meet demand. Send us an e-mail to see if we can customize a product for you.