High throughput homogenizers (HTH) are specifically designed for processing samples in deep well plates and vials, but they can also accommodate microcentrifuge tubes and small bottles, allowing for the processing of large samples.

Samples which are too large or hard to be processed in multitube bead beaters can be homogenized in high throughput homogenizers.

Although these instruments can be expensive, they are capable of efficiently processing hundreds to thousands of samples daily.

All high throughput homogenizers can process samples in plates or vial sets in Society for Biomolecular Science (SBS) formats e.g., 24 and 96 well. This format permits liquid handling robots to process samples downstream of homogenization.


For more information on this product line, see the High throughput Homogenizers section of our Homogenization Guide.

For more information on selecting the proper homogenization vessel, see our "Selecting Grinding Vials for Sample Processing."

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HTH Comparison
  1600 Mini G™ HT Homogenizer II™ 2010 GenoGrinder®
Speed 500/1500 strokes/minute 300/1600 rpm 500/1750 strokes/minute
2 ml tubes 50 24 100
4 ml vials 24 24 96
15 ml vials 5 5 20
50 ml vials 5 - 10
Plates 1 1 6
1600 MiniGĀ®

At just over half the cost of a 2010 GenoGrinder, the 1600 Mini G is a great alternative homogenizer for labs that process many samples.

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Geno/GrinderĀ® 2010, 115V

The Geno/Grinder® 2010 is a high throughput homogenizer for the most demanding labs.

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