Contract Collaborators – OPS Diagnostics is interested in establishing collaborations with researchers in plant biology and plant pathology.  We are looking for individuals that are interested in testing and validating new products and processes in the areas of sample preservation, microbial control cultures, and nucleic acid isolation and detection.  OPS Diagnostics' products are routinely used to isolate nucleic acids for analysis in pathogen detection, gene quantitation, expression analysis, microbiome analysis, transcriptomics, or similar NGS related studies.  We also work extensively in microbial culture preservation by means of lyophilization.  Researchers who have an interest in collaborating in these areas should contact us.

Collaborative projects are a two-way street.  Projects must use OPS Diagnostics’ products and processes, but should focus on a researcher’s objectives, especially in overcoming technical obstacles. 

Each contract collaboration is individually arranged, thus interested researchers should contact us to discuss their interests.

Email us so we can further discuss your interests at collaboration@opsdx.com.