Vial Set Accessories

Magnet Tips

These magnet micropipette tips are a simple, cost effective solution for removing stainless steel grinding balls from 96 well plates and grinding vials.  The tips are made for Pipetteman micropipettes and work with steel and 440C stainless steel balls.  For other pipettes, custom tips are available.

24 Pin Magnet

This SBS formatted 24 Pin Magnet  is used to efficiently remove grinding balls from 24 Well Vial Sets.  When used with the Magnet Stand/Separator, the 24 Pin Magnet can serve to both remove and replace grinding balls into the vials. This tool is valuable to any laboratory performing high throughput homogenization with 24 Well Vial Sets.

Magnet Stand/Ball Separator

The Magnet Stand/Ball Separator is used to align the 24 Well Vial Set and the 24 Pin Magnet to efficiently remove and/or replace the grinding balls into vials.  The magnet fits into the stand which is positioned above the vial set.   Alternatively,  by lifting the magnet the balls separate from the magnet and fall into the vials. 

Product Number
24 Pin Magnet HTPM 24-01
Magnet Stand/Ball Separator TR 930139
Magnet Tips (12 Pack) MGTP 12-03