Don't let your frozen samples just melt away.  Keep them frozen with the CryoCooler™ from OPS Diagnostics.  It is designed for small-scale cryogenic sample preparation.  Working with samples that require cryogenic temperatures means working with liquid nitrogen, which is not only difficult, but possibly hazardous.  The CryoCooler™ helps to reduce those hazards by featuring a liquid nitrogen charged, insulated reservoir.  To use, pour the liquid nitrogen into the reservoir and begin using. 

The newly designed well and tray are sized to accommodate a standard cryogenic freezer box.  The CryoCooler™ is very effective for sorting and finding tubes stored in liquid nitrogen. It provides the perfect environment for keeping small samples outside of the liquid nitrogen freezer/tank without them thawing or even warming above -130°C. As the nitrogen evaporates from the well, a positive pressure prevents frost accumulation on samples in the well.

The CryoCooler™ can be used as a stand alone unit or alternatively in conjunction with our miniaturized mortar and pestle system, the CryoGrinder™.  With the CryoGrinder™ or other vials or tools, place the items in the reservoir and allow them to chill for several minutes prior to use.

This system combines a highly insulated cooler with a liquid nitrogen reservoir so to maintain temperature sensitive samples at vapor phase temperatures.  The 7 x 5" reservoir contains a sorbent that is charged prior to use with liquid nitrogen.  The sorbent prevents spills and splashing of the liquid nitrogen while it does allow for a slow release of coolant.



CryoCooler™ with a top view of the well.  Liquid nitrogen is poured through the screen platform and adsorbed below by a pillow.  Liquid nitrogen vapors are released slowly over a five hour period which keeps samples below -130°C.