The CryoGrinder is a miniaturized mortar and pestle system designed to homogenize small samples (<100 mg) at low temperatures so to preserve the integrity of biomolecules.  This system combines the ease of a handheld homogenizer with the efficiency of a mortar and pestle.  Key features of the CryoGrinder include:

- Motor driven pestle constructed  from an extremely durable porcelain/zirconium composite

- Rugged pestle with stainless steel shafts with hex bit for quick connection to the motor

- CryoGrinder can be decontaminated and sterilized via autoclave and dry heat (e.g., 200°C for 2 hr)

- Small space saving design

- Optional CryoCooler accessory valuable for chilling and transporting samples

The CryoGrinder mortar and pestle are pre-chilled in  liquid nitrogen.  Frozen samples are placed in the mortar and the motorized pestle is pressed down on the sample.  Due to the cryogenic temperature, samples are rapidly ground into dust.  Tissues from heart, lung, spleen, muscle, kidney and liver have been effectively pulverized using the CryoGrinder.  Mortars are easily inverted so that ground samples can be collected into chilled tubes. 

Each CryoGrinder Kit comes with a cordless handheld motor plus four mortar and pestle sets including small and large pestles.  Additional mortar and pestle sets can be purchased separately.

Application Note Homogenization of Mouse Muscle: A Comparison of Methods


CryoGrinder mortar

The CryoGrinder consists of a porcelain/ zirconium composite.  Pestles are made of porcelain/ zirconium composite.




Product Number

List Price

CryoGrinder System CryoCooler, 8 mortar/pestle sets, wrench CG 08-010 $1,252

CryoGrinder Kit

4 mortars/pestle sets, motorized wrench

CG 08-01


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CryoGrinder Set

2 mortars and 2 pestles

CG 08-02


Motor, Handheld

Motorized cordless wrench, 180 rpm

CG 08-03



Cooler with liquid nitrogen reservoir

CG 08-07


Liquid Nitrogen Pillow Absorbs and holds the liquid nitrogen CG 08-08 $60