HT Homogenizer

High throughput homogenization in microwell plates for DNA, RNA, and protein isolation

The HT Homogenizer is the smallest, most powerful linear motion homogenizer available.  It is also the least expensive model.  This unit was designed specifically for laboratories that require high throughput homogenization of samples in 96 well, microplate format while limiting well-to-well variation.  This homogenizer is proven for disrupting samples for DNA, RNA, and protein isolation procedures.

The HT Homogenizer was born from the request of a pathologist that needed an effective high throughput homogenization tool that could be easily transported to the field for surveying zoonotic viruses.  Powered with a strong 1/4 horsepower motor, the HT Homogenizer has been successfully used to homogenize tough samples such as corn, rice, soybean, and Arabidopsis callus.  It is also effective at homogenizing softer tissues from animals and leaf punches.  When used with silica and zirconium grinding media, the HT Homogenizer is also effective in disrupting microorganisms.

HT Homogenizer
HT Homogenizer

High throughput homogenization is valuable for any labs processing multiple samples for RNA extraction, DNA isolation, or protein analysis.  Samples homogenized can be handled with workstations for subsequent processing and purification.

Standard, half, and deep well plates, as well as vial sets, are locked into the homogenizers carriage assembly with a lid with adjustable latches.  This allows for easy placement and removal of plates.  Most samples can be homogenized in 2 minutes or less, making preparation and loading of the plate the bottleneck in sample preparation and not the homogenizer.  The HT Homogenizer is CE and CSA certified.  This product comes with a 2 year limited warranty.

Application Notes

Effect of Homogenization Method on DNA Yield and Fragment Size


Speed Range: 50-1600 rpm

Controls: Analog with a 10 min. timer


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