Pulsing Vortex Mixer

Powerful pulsing vortex action produces excellent cell disruption for glass bead procedures. The Pulsing Vortex Mixer is capable of complete cell disruption of samples in only minutes. Unique pulsing action reduces heat generation while providing more effective mixing and disruption. System includes an easy-to-load holder for (12)1.5ml or 2.0ml micro centrifuge tubes. Micro-tube holder has a built-in cup head which allows mixer to be used as a standard vortex mixer in touch mode. Micro-processor feedback control maintains set speed for strong, consistent mixing action. LED displays for both speed (rpm) and time (minutes/seconds) which provides better repeatability and accuracy. Displayed time counts up during continuous operation and counts down during timed runs.

  • Glass bead cell disruption/homogenization.

  • Continuous or touch mode operation.
  • LED display for speed and time.
  • Micro-processor controls.
pulsing vortex mixer

Pulsing Vortex Mixer


Speed Range

500 to 3000 rpm


75 watts, 50/60 Hz


3-way power switch, LED display for time/speed, up/down keys for set-point control, pulsing key


11 lbs (5 kg)


4.8"W x 6.8"D x 4.8"H  (12.2cm x 17.3cm x 12.2cm)

Part #
TR 945620
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TR 945621


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