Microbial Freeze Drying Services

OPS Diagnostics is making available its expertise at freeze drying microorganisms.  Freeze drying microorganisms can be an art. It can also be expensive.  OPS Diagnostics has extensive experience in freeze drying microorganisms, and the established processes to make it cost effective.  Our freeze drying service for microorganisms is ONLY AVAILABLE FOR NON-PATHOGENIC MICROBES!  The service includes:

Culturing of the microorganism on solid or liquid media,

Suspension of the culture in Microbial Freeze Drying Buffer,

Preparation of 50 vials of culture (1 ml culture in a 3 ml vial)

Freeze drying and stoppering under vacuum, and

Pre- and post- freeze drying viability testing,

Please fill out the form below, some we can provide you with an accurate estimate. We will contact you to answer any questions or concerns. You can also contact us directly, at 908-253-3444 for a quote.

Microbial Freeze Drying Form

Microbial Freeze Drying Form
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