SYNERGY Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit Sample Request

The SYNERGY™ Extraction Kits feature proprietary reagents to isolate high quality nucleic acids rapidly without the use of hazardous chemicals. Using a simple protocol, isolate in less time, with higher yields and greater purity than competitor kits.

  • Suitable for processing plant tissue, soft animal tissues, and fecal and oral samples.
  • Available with silica spin columns for higher purity and in a 96 well format for high throughput workflows.
  • SYNERGY™ allows for the extraction of nucleic acids in fewer steps compared to traditional CTAB protocols and other commercially available kits.
  • Comparatively, SYNERGY™ is also less expensive than competitor kits, saving money in your workflow.


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If you would like to try SYNERGY™, please ask for a sample.  You are welcome to complete the form below, or call and talk to real person at (908) 253-3444.  Ask for one of our researchers if you need technical help.  You can also email us at  

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